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The Irish Gift, Inc offers online classes in the form of instructional videos. These are supplemented with inperson workshops. The courses come with unlimited support via email, Skype and / or telephone.
The Irish Gift Music Academy

The Irish Gift Music Academy teaches the East Galway Irish Music Tradition with a special emphasis on the music of Eddie Kelly, renowned and legendary fiddle-player from East Galway region of Ireland. The instructional videos are based upon the music tracks from “The Lonesome Fiddler” album. Each video breaks down the respective album track and delves into the detail of the notes and the ornamentation. Each course comes with unlimited email / Skype and telephone support from Éilís Crean. She is passionate about passing along the East Galway Irish Music Tradition to anyone who has an interest and wants to learn. The Irish Gift Music Academy is also available on iTunes and GooglePlay. Please refer to the banner above for the respective links to download the smartphone app.

The Irish Gift Workshops

“The Lonesome Fiddler” album brought together Kevin Crawford, John Doyle and Kenny Malone in the name of the East Galway Irish Music Tradition. The Irish Gift Music Academy online courses will be supplemented with in-person workshops with “The Lonesome Fiddler” album team. These will take place at the The Big East Fork Retreat which is located just outside Nashville in Tennessee.

The Lonesome Fiddler Album

“The Lonesome Fiddler” album features the music of Eddie Kelly and his unique versions of old and familiar tunes. Eddie played the East Galway style and for many years he taught Éilís Crean this music tradition adding his rare touch to jigs, reels and hornpipes alike.

The Irish Gift is Dedicated to The Preservation of the East Galway Irish Music Tradition, it’s Cultivation, it’s Folklore and it’s Influence

The Irish Gift Music Academy Online Courses

About US

We are a team of musicians and Irish culture and language enthusiasts who have been brought together through the love of the East Galway Irish Music Tradition, it’s cultivation, folklore and influence. Traditional Irish music contains within it the DNA of a culture, especially the older Irish music styles like the East Galway Irish Music Tradition. The notes that we use and the way we use those are more than mere transmitters of sound. They speak of traditions, ways of thinking, approaches to the world and an understanding of our place in it. And they give voice to the inchoate memories of those who came before us but have been rendered silent by time.

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Our Team

Working Together To Promote The East Galway Irish Music Tradition
Éilís Crean
Éilís Crean
The East Galway Irish Music Tradition Tutor and Coach
Born in Ballintubber, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Éilís grew up in a house where traditional Irish music was cultivated, cherished and appreciated. She plays fiddle and was taught by the highly esteemed and legendary Eddie Kelly and her childhood years saw many hours with Eddie, teasing through the artful arrangement of his notes during the weekly lessons. Through the years, Éilís has competed and won prizes at various events throughout Ireland and Great Britain. One of Éilís other passions is the work of Tony Robbins, world-renowned self-development coach. She is a senior leader in his organization where she attends and volunteers at his seminars throughout the year. She now has her own coaching business called Beautiful State coaching where the focus is on keeping a loving outlook on life and remaining in positive and generous perspective whilst you are pursuing your health and financial goals.
Kevin Crawford
Kevin Crawford
Musician and Teacher
“When I’m on the tour bus or the plane, these are the musicians I miss the most, the ones I wish I was playing tunes with back home in Clare….” – Kevin Crawford
John Doyle
John Doyle
Musician and Teacher
“I was a folk nerd from the very start! At the age of four, I started going out and listening to my grandfather play in the pubs with my dad. “Let’s go hear your grandfather play the accordion,” my father would say. And we used to sit there – my brothers and I – and be bored out of our brains. But the music kind of etched itself into our psyche, ya know. Today we’re all really close to Irish traditional music. When I started to play, I really got into both English folk and Irish folk, traditional, sean nos (literally, “old style” a capella singing) and all that. I guess there was a stage where I listened to rock and everything else out there. But my heart is in folk music.” – John Doyle
Dr. K. Mark Hilliard
Dr. K. Mark Hilliard
Consultant and Irish Culture Enthusiast
The Hilliard Institute has joined forces with The Irish Gift, Inc to offer consulting expertise for the continued education programing and workshop development for The Irish Gift Music Academy. Dr. K Mark Hilliard is the Vice Chancellor and President of The Hilliard Institute for Educational Wellness and Global Competency. This is a philanthropic and educational non-profit organization offering consulting and training for new and developing non-profits and educational programing and workshops for teacher training.
Kenny Malone
Kenny Malone
“There are many reasons why an artist would give drummer Kenny Malone a call for a session. In fact, there probably are as many good reasons to hire this drummer as there have been sessions to feature him since the ‘70s. But some general observations would be that if an album involves music that is uncompromising and lacks commercial glitz, then Malone would be a good drummer to ring. If the music is unadulterated folk, untainted by touch-ups with the disco airbrush or L.A. country-rock air hose, then, again, Malone is the man. The more creativity a session requires, the more reasons to call Kenny Malone. Just the sound he gets out of the drums is something that cannot be imitated, and once again there are plenty of reasons for that. He has developed his own completely individualistic approach to drumming which could stand out in any field.“ Eugene Chadbourne (from AllMusic.com)


A Presentation of the East Galway Irish Music Tradition; it’s cultivation, folklore and influence

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