The Irish Gift.

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    Éilís Crean

    Éilís Crean is an Irish-born musician, artisan, and personality, passionately dedicated to everything Irish. She lives in the US, but divides her time between her native Ireland and her home in Tennesee.

    ​ Éilís was born in Ballintubber, Co. Roscommon and now lives in Franklin, Tennessee, USA. She fell in love with the unique style of the East Galway Irish Music Tradition, where she began playing music at age 7, and began her life journey into music as a young girl. She has since come to be regarded as one of the world's top 5 Fiddle players in the East Galway Irish Music Tradition.

    ​ The Irish Gift is Éilís's legacy and gift to you, on giving back to the people and communities who have supported her, and have a strong affinity and/or heritage for the uniqueness of the Irish culture, people, style, music and arts.

    Céad Míle Fáilte.

    What does it mean to be Irish?

    It  means more than just hospitality and kindness. It’s the heart of the Irish’s most venerated traditions – that you are welcome, a thousand times, wherever you come from, whosoever you be. Irish hospitality means genuine hospitality that emanates from the heart to help replenish and refresh your soul and set your heart at ease.

    Irishness is a state of mind.

    Éilís and The Irish Gift is a place dedicated to the very essence of Ireland, and of being Irish. She believes that being of Irish heritage is a state of mind.

    The authentic Irish experience.

    Her gift is to offer you the true Irish experience and culture, through music, collaboration, authentic Irish artisanal jewelry, knitware, gifts, homeware, accessories, art, travel, and live experiences. Her goal is to connect like-minded people and bring them together – in true Irish style.

    Céad Míle Fáilte.

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    Éilís Crean Music.

    The East Galway Irish Music Tradition.

    My music goes back 8 centuries.

    It evokes the East Galway Irish Music Tradition, and will give you a look into your past and envelope you in an understanding of community and deep history, that you are not alone.


    We can find strength and comfort in a ballad form centuries past, knowing our ancestors and experienced and overcome things….different or similar to what we may be facing now. Or it can give us words or expressions to allow us to feel our history in our Irish roots while giving us a sense of validation and camaraderie. 


    My music is defined by the unique and innovative style of Eddie Kelly, and is different from other traditional Irish Fiddle music with long and flowing bow-strokes with at least three to four notes per bow with a light yet strong bow technique.


    Traditional East Galway music is geographic in nature, because of the landscape, and from an era when people didn’t travel much afar. Roughly Bounded by the Slieve Aughty Mountains to the south, the river Shannon, Lough Derg and the river Suck to the east and an arc from Ballinasloe to Athenry and down to Gort on the west. The Galway ‘regional style’ suggests a deeply held culture over the millennia, with a stable musical region with fixed boundaries created by geographical obstacles, in which communities of Irish musicians across the ages, inhaling the same air, exhaling the same style and living in similar proximities, experiences and culture.

    Authentic Irish Style.

    What is Irish Cottage Style?

    There are some words in the English (or Gaeilge) language that have been made to invoke a particular feeling.

    “Cottage” (Gaelic: Teachín) is one of those words. It’s authentic. It’s anything that would invoke or go together with the feeling of being in an Irish Cottage.

    Immediately you can imagine a cozy but bright cottage. Historic, loved and lived in. It’s uniquely inspiring…and comfortable. The sounds of laughter, and music are embedded in the walls. Steaming tea in a floral teacup beside a warm fire with a sleeping dog at your feet.

    It’s such a cozy word. It’s living authentically, beautifully, naturally. It’s sheik, but ancient. It’s artisan. While life’s luck may prevent you from the real Irish Cottage, you can indeed have the fittings and accompaniments of cozy cottage with tea and fireside chair…and all the parts of it from our collections of authentic Irish artisan creations.

    You may not be able to get your hands on an old cottage with the charm and comfort built in but The Irish Gift is where you can create it yourself.





    Come visit our physical store

    1113 Murfreesboro Rd, Painted Tree
    Marketplace, Booth C27, Franklin, TN 37064

    Monday-Friday : 11am-10pm
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    Authentic Ireland.

    Once a year.

    Authentic Ireland.

    Once a year we take a group of curious and interesting people to Ireland to rediscover their roots.

    Céad Míle Fáilte.

    The places, the welcome, and the people.

    A long, rich, and enthralling history fills every beautiful inch of authentic Ireland. From discovering ancient traditions and local music, to the remarkable people and stunning vistas. You will experience Ireland like no other…the stunning displays of art and architecture, folklore and history, and experiences of real-world Céad Míle Fáilte.

    Come with us to discover The True Ireland.

    The trip of a lifetime.