Experience the unique warmth of Irish Culture.

Authentic Irish wares crafted by true Irish artisans, and experiences in real Irish music, and travel – these are at the core of The Irish Gift.

In our online store you’ll find genuine art and goods, beautifully created with quality, by real Irish craftspeople and imported directly from Ireland.

Explore our ‘music’ page to travel back in time and hear authentic Ancient Galway music recorded by Èilìs Crean. Explore our ‘Travel’ page to learn more about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Ireland with Èilìs off the beaten path, and experience the country as a native, not just as a tourist.

Warmth and camaraderie are hallmarks of the Irish culture and demeanor. A common expression heard throughout Ireland is, “What’s the craic?”, which refers to news, gossip, fun, enjoyment, entertainment, and pleasurable conversation. A common characteristic and important value of Irish culture is the art of conversation and storytelling – a common way to build rapport.

There is a built in informality, warmth and sense of humor within Irish social interaction which allows for an open, fluid and welcoming approach between people. Public displays of emotion, affection and attachment are common and widely accepted. Another core characteristic is generosity and reciprocity which is a common perspective amongst the Irish people both towards locals and to others.

The Irish Gift is dedicated to bringing you authentic elements of true Irish culture in all of its facets. Indeed, our store has a basis of ensuring that anything we sell, style or promote, would fit comfortably within the walls of a true Irish Cottage.

What is the authentic Irish experience?

The Irish culture can be traced back over 9,000 years, and has become a multi-facted, diverse but uniquely Irish experience. Unless you are living in or have come from a small Irish community, especially a smaller community, you will miss some of the more subtle aspects of the true Irish experience.

The authentic Irish experience is one of warmth, fierce proudness to be of Irish descent and a deep connection to the roots and ancestors of past generations.

There is something unique about being Irish. The opportunity to experience and be a part of an Irish social gathering, or to feel the quality craftsmanship of a truly thoughtfully created jewelry or woven piece, or even a deep conversation that goes deeper than the typical shallow dialogue we have all come to expect.

The Irish spoken language is recognizable instantly. 39.8% of the population speak Irish as a first or second language, and the Irish language (known as Gaeltacht ) is spoken on a day-to-day basis in the Irish-speaking communities – particularly in parts of County Kerry, Galway and Donegal.

The Irish identity is closely linked to one’s sense of place. Ireland was settled as a rural society, with many very small towns and villages. Because of this the invisible boundaries of many small towns are well known to those who live in rural Ireland, and county identities and perspectives are recognized locally expressed through well-recognized, lighthearted rivalries during inter-county get-togethers including faires and sporting matches.

The diversity of expression in Irish society is powerful, and historically, artisans and craftsmen were invaluable in communicating preserving the rich culture of the land. Creativity is revered as a culture, and from a young age many Irish children are encouraged and taught to play traditional instruments or Irish stepdance, enabling the sounds and passion of music to carry on ancient Celtic traditions. Over hundreds of generations, the artists, musicians, characters and lovers of Ireland wrote and performed songs, poems and tales, created jewelry and painted pictures, carved stonework, and kept alive accounts of history colored by their personal experiences.

How to experience the best of Irish culture.

Listen to Irish music, find a group of Irish people and have a conversation, learn about the storied generations and the conflicts of the history of Ireland, appreciate the art and considerable creativity of the Celtic artisans, and read to understand the clans and the Counties of Ireland.